Monday, November 3, 2008


I feel like I've neglected this blog dreadfully. I am ashamed! So here goes my first post in god knows how long.

I'm kind of in love with Polyvore, it's very addictive, so I thought I'd make a Dita Von Teese set (don't google image her without safesearch on, I'm just saying)!
Because she is fabulous, that's why.

dita1 by mirixo

Outfit un:

Lace corset with corsage
Dita can clinch her waist down to 16 and a half inches. SIXTEEN AND A HALF INCHES. OHMYGOD.

Because the corset is so fancy schmancy, you need a plain skirt.

They're pretty even though they're from Forever21, okay!

Brian Atwood pumps
Any self-respecting stripper burlesque dancer needs at least too many pairs of pumps.

Christian Louboutin Suede fringed bag
Christian Louboutin! Enough said, thank you very much.

Yves Saint Laurent ring
Accessories are the key, ladies and cross-dressers.

Outfit duex:

Vintage 50's rock'n'roll belted cotton dress
In fact, she wore one just like this (see below).

High heeled red shoes
I don't want to visit "" for fear of what I might find, really.

Valentino handbag
Again, Valentino. Expensive but if you can afford it, why not.

Chanel earrings
Everyone needs a pair of Chanel earrings. So if anyone would be so kind as to buy me some...

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Hey y'all.
Yesterday, we had a whole school photo.
Well, it was a year level photo.
But they are just going to copy and paste all the year levels photos together so that it's a whole school photo.
LOL. For the year level photo, I'm in the front row cos I'm vertically challenged.
But in the whole school photo, I'll look like I'm standing. ^_^

We watched Schindler's List in Religion.
It was really sad even though I didn't really understand it. >_>

I watched the Simpsons yesterday.
It was SO funneh.
Coin collecting is pretteh cool, kk. (Well, I don't collect coins.. I'm too lazy)
When the Simpsons finished, I was like, "Should I watch Kenny?"
Cos my friend (Well, a family friend) said it was funny.
And I was like, "I suppose I should watch it..."
Anyway, it was pretteh lame.
No offence.
I prefer humour such as Rove, Carrie and Pete. Oh and Ryan and Hamish and Andy. LOL.

And yeah.
Bye for now but not forever.

Monday, October 20, 2008


The ARIAS was on yesterday.
I was slightly disappointed cos I wanted to watch Rove but Hamish and Andy were really amusing at the start of the show so I decided to watch the ARIAS.
I didn't watch all of it (just till 8:30) but Gabriella Cilmi won 6. I was so proud.
It is really scary that Gabriella Cilmi is younger than me yet she has achieved more in her life AND she can sing. I fail at life. X'[

Also, I saw the Living End get an ARIA thingy. And they played White Noise. ^_^
I love that song.
Apparently Pink performed too. And Gabriella Cilmi. WHYY DID I MISS IT??
Oh well. Good times, anyway.

I went to the Art Show yesterday (Scones are yum!) and the Fete (Krispy Kreme FTW).
They were both fun. Read about them on my other blog.

Speaking of my other blog, I'm thinking of just having one blog.
It'll probably be Zoidberg Tales cos that has all the stuff (and junk) on the side.
So yeah.
It will just mean that you will only have to read one of my blogs. Instead of two. KK?

Later, peeps.

Saturday, October 18, 2008


Hey peeps.
Who likes Google?

I do. X]

Friday, October 17, 2008


My semi formal was last night. ^_^
It was awesome!
We went in and everyone was either dancing or sitting down/talking. I just went to my table cos that's where my friends were.
And then, they played Just Dance by Lady GaGa. And everyone was like, "OMG, YAY!"
So we all got up to dance (or in my case, stand around watching).
Then we had dinner which was a buffet and there were, like, so many different foods.
Except it wasn't fair cos all the foods had meat and my friend could only have salads.

Anyway, after dinner, we went up to dance. (Well, I didn't really dance. -_-)
And they played some really good songs like ABBA and Grease and Hot N Cold and yeah.
But some songs they played weren't as good. Like Metro Station and Miley Cyrus.
Oh and after they played ABBA, they played this really bad song and I was like, "Ohh, can you put ABBA back on?"

Then, for dessert, we had Tiramisu (yum!), pavlova (even yummier!) and many more great desserts.
I was planning to go back for seconds but I didn't want to be a pig. >_>

After dessert, we all danced again. (Well, everyone 'cept me).
And then, they gave out awards.
My friend won "Most Outrageous Costume." She came as the devil. And apparently the principal (who is a music-hating nun) gave her a mean look. Cos the devil is EVIL in a Catholic school.
L-R: Me dressed as Snow White, Miri as a devil, Aparna as a princess, Markos who was Aparna's partner. X]

Anyway, it was a fantastic night! ^_^

Monday, October 13, 2008


Can someone plz tell me about the IR series?
Everyone on Dale Thomas' blog is all like, "OMG, congrats on making the IR series."
And I'm totally confused because I have no idea what the IR series are.
My brain is about to explode.

Anyway, in lighter news, Mitchell Johnson likes music such as Soulfly (heavy metal band - I never will listen to it EVER) and My Chemical Romance (I read that in an article today ^_^).
I like one song by My Chem. Romance. Which is Teenagers. And it's awesome.
Back to the topic of Mitchell Johnson (who is adorable and unignorable).
He has a new piercing. On his tongue.
I know, right.
Mitchell Johnson is basically the only person who I like that has facial piercings and a tattoo. (Not including some people in my year 11 who have facial piercings).

I had a Chemistry test today.
My brain exploded halfway through due to hard questions that were too difficult to answer.
I mean, how do you calculate ppm and ppb?
Also, how do you change LITRES into GRAMS? WHAT?
I cheered up when we had Religion.
We watched Keeping The Faith. It has Ben Stiller in it.
It is about a rabbi, a Catholic priest and a girl (Anna) and they are all best friends.
Anyway, the rabbi and priest are both in love with Anna.
But Anna knows she can't date the priest cos he can't marry or have a sexual relationship.
So she dates the rabbi (Ben Stiller).
I kinda wanted her to date Brian (the priest). He was so cute! And he was willing to give up his whole priest career to be in love with her. But she didn't want to. X'[

After religion, we had General Specialist Maths (or GMZ as some people call it).
Don't ask me what the Z stands for.

Then I had my Biology SAC.
After the Biology SAC (which was pretty easy - hopefully I get a good mark) the teacher handed our practice exam back.
And the teacher was all like saying how people made up some words on the exam.
And also, there was a question that was like, "What is this fossil?"
And someone in my class went, "A special fossil" or something like that.
No one in my class went well on that exam. Actually, maybe someone went well.
I got 28/75. FAIL.
Luckily it was a PRACTICE exam. Phew.
I have about three weeks of study.

Well, I should go now.
See ya!

Saturday, October 11, 2008


I found an awesome website (courtesy of Aidan) which has all this DIY stuff.
It is pretteh rad. It is called Instructable.
I found one DIY activity thingy and it was VAMPIE.
Which is like a vampire pie.
I was all like, "OMG, Twilight! ^_^"
So yeah.

Did you know Kirsten Stewart's phone number was posted on the internet and then it wasn't really Kirsten's number? LOL.
I should post my phone number on the internet but pretend it is RPattz'. And then, everyone will call me and I'll be popular for once in my life. X]

For my semi formal on Thursday, I'm dressing up as Snow White. ^_^
I'll bring along an apple (poisonous, of course) and I'll just sit there for the whole night eating an apple.
Maybe I should just bring a toffee apple. They taste nicer. Well, I haven't tried one (cos my mummy is evil and won't let me) but they look nice.
And I've eaten toffee cos we made it in Food Tech. And then we added pink food dye.

Guess what?
The Amazing Race is coming back on Channel 7!
Except the stupid Americans have already seen it.
Americans get everything. They get to see the Amazing Race first AND they get to be next to Russia. WHY SO MEAN, AMERICA? SHARING IS CARING!

Anyway, the Amazing Race shall be good.
My favourite Amazing Race couple would have to be Rob & Amber.
Amber was so cute.
And then Rob was funneh. =P
I also liked Dustin and Kandice. Cos Kandice reminded me of CANDY.
Tyler and James were a good couple too. I called them TJ. Ah, good times.
That's all that I can remember from The Amazing Race.
Oh wait - there was that short girl. I forgotten her name. =[

Oh well. I shall go now.
I have Maths questions to do and a Biology and Chemistry SAC on Monday.
Help me, dudez. Plz.
Also, say hi to your mum for me.
*swivels around in chair*